• The Conference venue (UA ENR2 Building) and Banquet Location (UA Student Union) are located within walking distance to the Host Hotel. 
  • In front of the Host Hotel is a transit stop for the Tucson SunLink Street Car, which you can take for unlimited rides for $4.50 in 24 hours to restaurants, cafes, clubs, and bars in various entertainement districts in Tucson, including downtown Tucson. More information to be added soon.
  • Uber and Lyft are commonly used in Tucson.
  • Taxis are used in Tucson, but need to be called in advance, except at the Tucson International Airport, where they are already standing by.
  • You can hail a taxi at Tucson International Airport. 
  • Flying in to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport? You can book Arizona Shuttle, which makes multiple trips each day from Phoenix Sky Harbor Aiport to the UA (0.64km from Host Hotel)
  • Tours: We will be providing transportation for some of the Tours. 
  • Car rental: You can rent cars from 8 vendors at Tucson International Airport.
  • Bike rental: Tucson is a bike-friendly city. You can rent a bicycle from a kiosk associated with the City of Tucson TuGo Bike Share. A kiosk is located directly behind the Conference Venue (UA ENR2 Building)!  


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