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PHONONICS 2019 is the fifth conference dedicated to analysis and manipulation of phonons (vibrations in solids), connecting researchers interested in phononic crystals, acoustic/thermal metamaterials, wave propagation in periodic structures, nano-scale phonon transport, and optomechanics and phonon coupling. A quiet revolution in PHONONICS is under way!  This revolution, driven by a growing community, challenges the current paradigms of phononics and is expanding what was thought until only recently to be well established frontiers.  The new frontiers are enabled by new fabrication and manufacturing technologies, new fundamental scientific principles inspired by condensed matter physics, astrophysics, as well as environmental and life-sciences.  The objectives of PHONONICS 2019 are to share our current understanding of these scientific principles in the context of phononics and metamaterials as well as discuss the implications and approaches in fabrication, manufacturing and technological development to address critical strategic, technological and societal challenges. PHONONICS 2019 will promote the notion of convergence research, that is, the merging of ideas, approaches, and technologies from diverse fields of knowledge at a high level of integration with the aim of solving complex technical and societal problems as well as addressing complex intellectual questions.

The scientific focus of PHONONICS 2019 will be on the following nine central themes underlying current research in the field of phononics:

1.         Phononic Crystal Design and Fabrication

2.         Acoustic Metamaterial Design and Fabrication

3.         Applications of Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials

4.         Temporally modulated Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials

5.         Topological Acoustics and Phononics

6.         Nonlinear Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials

7.         Thermal Phonons

8.         Optomechanics and Phonon Coupling

9.       Phononic Crystals and Acoustic Metamaterials in Biology

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